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Updated: September, 2015

Read the Privacy Policy document completely in order to understand OsomeBuzz (which includes website and Osomebuzz Android app, In the entire Privacy Policy and Terms of Service document wherever Osomebuzz is referred it includes website and Osomebuzz Android app) policies and rules. Provided here is the correct and precise information on how the website and the app will treat your data and other details that you have provided us. If in any way you are not thoroughly convinced with OzomeBuzz working style and practice then make your own choice whether to join and continue with the services we provide. Please read our policy statements from time to time to keep track of any changes in our way of approach and thinking, and also our Terms of Service. If you continue using the OsomeBuzz then it is a clear indication that you are a willing person and are in agreement with any changes in our rules, regulations and privacy policies. Read the following information to follow our current work programs, updates (if any), plans and future endeavors.


OsomeBuzz is a public image site and app. This describes the fact that any submitted content/image is visible to the browsing online crowd. However, the website and app have an integrated Publish and Share option respectively. In website if you save any image without checking the box, then the saved image/meme in the website user account is not made public for all to see you. This image is not visible on the sharing list but is saved in the users’ account. It is to be noted that when you successfully login to the website, you can delete any images that you have created here. In the app when you make an image you have the option to save it on your phone or share it on your social media accounts. We do not share it unless the user makes that choice.


OsomeBuzz may use third-party advertising companies to post ads on some pages that you may visit while using the website or the application. In terms of your search and browse statistics, these companies may project non-personally identifiable details like, click stream info, browser type (including time and date), and subject matter data that you are interacting with. This is in order to advertise interesting adverts pertaining to your website and app usage interests.

The website and app takes care of your personal information and uses it appropriately in order to:

*    Verify your identity provided to us.

*    Set up your account.

*    Verify or re-issue your password.

*    Log your activity.            

*    Contact you periodically regarding updates, offers, promotions and other services.

*    Monitor your data integrity.

*    Track any spam, frauds and other anti-web activities.

We retain de-activated/closed accounts at for the following upright reasons and in compliance with the state law:

*    Prevent any fraudulent activities.

*    Collect any due amount to be paid.

*    Resolve disagreements of recorded nature.

*    Troubleshoot various issues.

*    Help in any legal cyber crime investigations.

*    Enforce the terms and conditions of

*    Take various other actions as dictated by the law of the land.


The OsomeBuzz completely respects your privacy and hereby, issues the statement that we are deeply committed to safeguard and protect your personal info.


At any given time OsomeBuzz possesses the right to change its privacy policy. So, periodically check this space for updates. Your continued use of the website services after the last updated date will present the case that you are in agreement with our updated terms and conditions.

If you have any further questions on our privacy policy terms and conditions, then feel free to contact us. We offer quick response services to answer all your queries.