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Updated: September, 2015

OsomeBuzz (Jointly referred forosomebuzz.com website and Osomebuzz Android App) is the best website and app to generate memes and create images using simple and easy-to-use generator tools and techniques. We offer you a big benefit of customizing your memes and GIFs (only supported in the website not the Android app). Using Osomebuzz you can make your own fun images and share it with millions on the Internet. We allow you to keep your creations private and ‘only for your eyes’ too. The top images will occupy the hall of fame by appearing on our Home Page.

It’s time to meme!


Please read our Terms of Service conditions thoroughly and carefully to understand and comprehend all management requisites that administer your right to use OsomeBuzz. This includes all forms of substances, functions and services provided on or via the website and the app that you utilize.


Any of your following actions offer an automatic agreement to accept the terms and conditions of OsomeBuzz:

*    Using the website.

*    Using the app.Signing-up or registering.

*    Clicking to accept all the Terms of Service requisites.


If you do not in any way agree to OsomeBuzz clauses, then please do not continue using our services. In this case, end your relationship with us and cease accessing or using the website in any manner. Repeated continual use of Osomebuzz manifests the fact that you are in agreement with the Terms of Service, provided here.

For any questions, contact us or send us an e-mail at hello@osomebuzz.com. Our quick response team is on call to clear all your doubts and offer expert guidance for all your queries.


*      Minimum Age Limit – 13 yrs

The eligible age to create an account in OsomeBuzz is 13yrs and above. The website and app are a definite NO for children under 13 years age limit. Give accurate age details when registering here. When you use the site then you come under a binding contract with the firm that you are of the mentioned legal age criteria. Ensure you meet all requirements before accessing or using the website and app. We are not responsible for users give a wrong birthdate.

*      Link-back When You Embed/Hotlink Image(s)

As OsomeBuzz.com does not take any money from you for the bandwidth all your images occupy, it is a fair request to add a watermark to the images that you have produced.

Let other people on the Internet also know how to easily generate memes and GIFs with the help of our website and the app. You don’t need to do anything, our website and app with automatically add a watermark to the images and GIFs.


*      Do Not Spam

Never spam. Spamming is viewed very strictly by the website.

The following actions will make you fall under the category of a spammer:

*    Posting links exclusively to your main content (monetizing).

*    Posting malware links.

*    Posting inappropriate or irrelevant content.

*    Posting long ‘copypastas’ that are unrelated and damages the OsomeBuzz community interactions.


*      Code of Conduct

Registered users and visitors must maintain the decorum of conduct when using the many services offered at OssomeBuzz. Users are requested to maintain the environment and working culture. The website and app sticks to the communication terms and conditions strictly. As the privacy of a registered user is foremost, the website does not in any way divulge the information of the user. OssomeBuzz  is not responsible if any user identity of the registered clients is disclosed via any form of communication outside the website range.

*    Any personal contact info such as phone number, e-mail address, Skype username, or IM identity data outside the website working area is not acknowledged in any manner.

*    Any form of external contact outside the website of activities to undermine our services including messaging and platform abuse is strictly prohibited. If it comes to our notice, then actions will be taken pertaining to the nature of damaging deeds.

*    If a user misuses or does not follow the given Terms of Service, then the website does not supply the given protection rules to the related users.

*    Trolls are looked down upon here. If it comes to the notice of the website that a user is indulging in obscene innuendoes, foul language or other forms of improper and unacceptable communiqué, then the website has all powers to suspend, warn or even cancel a user account.


*      No Pornographic Material

It is against the ethics and working of the website to post any adult material content, services, and messages or images that are related to pornography. The sharing of such unauthorized material through the website platform is strictly forbidden.

Users can “report” any image that is published on the website submitted by other users if found to profane.


*      Media Policy

The website does not hold any responsibility and also, does not verify any uploaded and generated content (including trademarks, copyrights and any other user registered material) posted on this portal. In case of any violations, the website will take action on the account showing such content and will suspend/cancel the account based on proof of evidence. Please bring to the notice of the website via the Customer Care center, in case of any such violations.

You automatically agree to no violations or infringements of rights:

*  When you upload any type of media file or content including images, video and audio, to OsomeBuzz.com.

*  When you load a GIF file to the OsomeBuzz.com’s GIF meme generator.

*      Do Not Mishandle OsomeBuzz Services

Do not digress from the website services policies. Follow it completely.

*  Never stray from our instructions and do not disrupt our services in any way.

*  Use only the interface that we provide and not via any other method.

*  You do not possess any intellectual property rights ownership for any of our services or content that you are accessing.

*  You are responsible for your content. If it comes to our notice that your content violates our policies or has any legal implications then it is subject to removal.


*      We Communicate…

The website periodically gets in touch with its users by sending service announcements, administrative messages and promotional material. You have the right to opt out of such communications that you do not want to receive. 

*      Copyright Protection

Read through our Privacy Policy for more information on our protection policies of your personal details. You come in agreement with our Terms and Condition the moment you begin using our services. One you start utilizing OsomeBuzz services, the website and app has all rights to use your personal data in accordance with the defined set of privacy policies. According to the U.S. Digital Millennium Copyright Act we take care of any complaints of copyright violations/infringements by terminating their accounts from the website domain. Send us a mail, if you come across any such copyright breach. The website has all rights to utilize completed and handed-over marked services, for various forms of marketing purposes.

*      OsomeBuzz.com Software License

You have the all rights to use OsomeBuzz software provided as part of our services to benefit from the experience. However, you cannot copy, distribute, modify, and sell/lease any part of the website services or any integrated software. You have no right to re-engineer or extract software source code, without our written permission or as permissible by the court of law.


*      Warranty Disclaimer

The use of site, content, app and all other OsomeBuzz services is marked at your own risk.  The application (web and Android) as a whole include the services, content and products received is provided as presented without any warranties attached to it, either expressed or implied. OsomeBuzz and all people associated with the website and app do not offer any guarantees and also, hold no responsibility for security, accurateness, reliability, quality and/or availability of the site.

The above-mentioned details do not influence any warranties that are limited under applicable law or which cannot be omitted or excluded.

*      Liability Limitation

OsomeBuzz.com and its associated affiliates including licensors, employees, service providers, directors, executives and/or officers are liable for any kind of damages, under any legal theory, that arise due to your use or lack of ability to use the website or any other websites related to the same. This includes the usage of all contents, services, or items on the website or related websites. This takes into account any losses arising out of direct, indirect, special, incidental, specific, consequential or punitive damages including (but not limited to) any personal injury, hardship, pain and suffering, emotional distress, depression, loss of revenue, loss of profits, loss of business or expected savings, loss of use and goodwill, data loss, and if caused by transgressions, negligence, contract breach, infringement or otherwise, if foreseeable.

The above-mentioned details do not influence any liabilities that are limited under applicable law or which cannot be omitted or excluded.

*      Termination of Services

OsomeBuzz has the right to stop providing services to you at any time. We also have the right to add or create new set limits to our services at any time period. As we are constantly developing to help our users much better through us, we may add or remove options, functions and/or features. We may suspend or cancel certain services based on our discretion. You have all right to stop using our services at any point of your interaction with us.

*      Indemnity

You will indemnify and hold OsomeBuzz  (including employees, affiliates, agents, and/or representatives) risk-free and harmless from and against all types of claims, costs, losses, damages, penalties, judgments, interests, expenses (including without limitation reasonable attorney’s fees) which arises due to any kind of claim, action, audit, inquiry, investigation or any other proceeding instituted by a person/entity that arises out of or relates to the following:

*    If you violate Terms of Services.

*    If you infringe on any third part